The “Art Night” Show Must Go On – Enjoy the Third Thursday Art Night This Month

by Susie Beresford of Pivot, Edmonds

March 2, 2014

Third Thursday Art Walk, Edmonds Art Walk, Art Night…whatever, let’s just enjoy some art, shall we?

Kathy and I had a lovely lunch with Tracy Felix, owner of ARTspot this past week at the Rusty Pelican. It felt like a true Edmonds kind of Day! We met with Tracy to get her take on the where she’d like to see the direction of the Art Walk go. Being the owner of an art supply store and the mom of some budding artists, it was more than obvious that she wanted this event to continue to grow and flourish in our community that seems to be quite passionate about our art.

Her hope is to continue to see people supporting local artists and enjoying what we have right here in town. With an Art Walk, there’s opportunity to not only support our local artists but to take a step in a storefront you may have never otherwise done, revisit places you’ve been before, run into friends, meet new ones and just have a wonderful evening based on the idea of roaming from one brick and mortar to another perusing the wonderful art on the walls.

With that said, several storefronts will be continuing on with the Art Walk, calling it the Third Thursday Art Night until it’s revamped by DEMA and brought back through the Chamber.

So don’t worry, the show will go on!

March 20th – mark your calendar for the following locations who are participating in the Third Thursday Art Night: