New Wave Palettes

We were contacted by Kyle O'Brien a while ago. He and his brother have a new company in Pennsylvania creating absolutely beautifully made white maple wood palettes. The design is by their father, who had been oil painting for over 40 years, was frustrated with the heavy or awkward to hold, causing pain in the hand, thumb, and wrist. Others lacked functionality or were not made well. The answer for him involved a trip to the lumber yard, a jig saw, sand paper, and many free afternoons. With that, the design for a new artist palette was created. The idea of New Wave grew for years as he invented new palette shapes around his three point design, for his own use. With our combined efforts a simple idea became reality as new shapes were created and old shapes were refined around his original three point design, with emphasis on comfort, quality and functionality. New Wave's origins are the same as so many time honored artist supplies: designed by artists filling a personal need for their artistic process. New Wave designed Artist Palettes, handcrafted with hard white maple by the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Come in and see, as ARTspot was chosen by the O'Brien family to carry these lovely palettes in Washington state.