What is Art?

Working with kids at the Maplewood Co-op school for many years taught me so much about art. They thought I was teaching but I was the one soaking up lots of inspiration from those tender young creative minds! One thing I got onto was having kids write down what they thought art was. The answers were thoughtful, fun and of course entertaining. I sent whatever the kids did home to the parents, but I wished I would have made copies. Ever since, I will ask people to do this activity on occasion. Currently the “What is ART?” circles are in our window display. We are not open yet.... but here is a guest who dropped in for a sneak peek of 408 Main Street at the Edmonds May Art Walk, filling out her circle. If I am in (you’ll see me in there painting walls again this week!) stop in to fill one out. They are delightful.
- tracy
Originally posted May 23rd, 2012