Picasso said "To become an artist, one must go back to being a child."

ART for your Kids!

We do not currently offer art classes for children. But there are some great option in the area so we compiled this list for you! Check out these wonderful art classes in our community. Click on any to link directly to their websites.

Cascadia Art Museum Kids Co. 

Arts Umbrella   

Edmonds Center for the Arts Kids

Edmonds Parks and Rec

Art Wise - Art Camps

Neo Art School

Gage Academy of Art

Art Spot Studio - we just learned of a great place in Snohomish with almost the same name as us... but they are a different entity. We are happy to recommend this fabulous line up of classes for kids and teens if you are located in north Snohomish County!

For older kids and teens:

Edmonds Community College  - for 11-15 year olds that are ready to be out of the "little kid" summer camps

Cole Art Studio - Call to see about placing your teens in the adult level classes. These are beginning classes and in most cases are completely appropriate for the ambitious “young adult” artist in your life.

Frye Art Museum Partnership for Youth

Gage Academy of Art


408 Main Street  Edmonds WA 98020 • 425.640.6408
Open Monday-Saturdays 10-6, Sundays 11-4 •  

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