The ART spot Philosophy

ARTspot believes in the inherent creativity of every person, at every stage of life. The process of making art is inherent to being human… to expression… to a healthy, holistic life. We provide access to quality materials, professional artist’s advice and support for those seeking the expression of their artistic voice.

ART spot exists to support artists.

The artists that work and teach here earn a living to augment their lives as artists and members of our community. 
Students receive encouragement, inspiration and true foundational skills in a variety of mediums.
Visitors will be exposed to new ideas, artist materials along with knowledgeable advice, and the delight of discovery.

ART spot believes in putting the best quality materials in artist’s hands.

Art materials inspire. Quality artist materials take the artists effort to the next level.  We tailor our inventory to the materials and products we know will give a good result and satisfying experience.

We seek to carry products made by companies that are local, regional, and U.S. made. Our imported goods represent the finest traditions of craftsmanship across a spectrum of cultures. We are proud to charge a fair price for our goods, as it allows us to exist to continue our mission. We do not participate in bait-and-switch advertising, misleading promotions or substandard products that can be sold super cheap.

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