Sketchbooks, Journals & Paper

Angela Bandurka

Angela Bandurka

We love quality sketchbooks, journals and handmade papers here at ARTspot! Check our some of our favorite drawing surfaces, patterns, and textures!


Bee Company
Premium Recyled Sketch - the one with the frog! 100% recycled sketch paper.

Super Deluxe and Nature Sketch both are great for not only dry but wet media as well!


Black Ink Papers
Handmade papers made in small villages with long histories of paper making...  from around the world. Sold in 22x30" sheets, some variation depending on origin. Papers from Mexico, India, Thailand, Nepal, Japan, Italy. Range from $3 - $12 a sheet. We order with collage artists, mixed media painters and bookmakers in mind. New assortments on a quarterly basis.

Mi-Tientes Pastel Papers and Boards in all colors.


Eco Paper Journals in grid and dot pattern paper.

Pen & Ink
Aqua Journals - 140 lb cold press in two sizes.

Travel Sketch (like Moleskin) in 3x4 up to 8 1/2x11"
Aqua Journals - 140 lb cold press in two sizes.

Bristol in black or white pads
Drawing and Mixed Media Pads. Only series 400 or better.

Toned Gray Sketchbooks rock! This hard, leather-bound book from Strathmore does half the work for you. The sample shown in our store (by our own Angela Bandurka Hoskins) was done with various graphite pencils, hard to start, soft for the darks, and conte white for the highlights!