Oil Paints

Oil painting by Denise Cole

Oil painting by Denise Cole

Oil paint was invented to try to capture the quality of light in paint. ARTspot is proud to offer top quality pigments as well as some new, artist & environment friendly twists such as water soluble oil paint and oder-free solvent! 

If you come in, you'll find our oil painting section nicely accessorized with a variety of palettes, metal cups, brush washers, and hand selected brushes to give you the finesse to enjoy every dab of paint you spread on a canvas..... art joy. 


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Gamblin - made in Portland

Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colors are made from pure pigments and the finest refined linseed oil. Each color retains the unique characteristics of the pigments, including tinting strength, undertone and texture. The luscious colors and contemporary mediums are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent.

Full line of colors in 37ml and whites are also offered in 150 ml tubes. 

If we have some in, we are always happy to give you a free sample of Torrit Grey with your Gamblin paint purchase. Just ask us!


Gamsol Odor Free Solvent by Gamblin.

Full line of mediums including Galkyd, Oils, including poppy. Try the new solvent free gel. Portland made professional quality products are the cutting edge in moving artists away from heavy solvents to more environmentally safe and easy cleanup. Turpentine and mineral spirits are "soooo last millenium."


Holbein Water Soluble Oil Paints

DUO Aqua Oil Color is a versatile, water-soluble oil that is richly pigmented, lightfast and quick drying (in as little as 24 hours in some cases). In addition, it has all the characteristics of traditional oil colors, but can also be mixed with water and other water-based media to produce varying effects. When mixed with oil colors and mediums, DUO Aqua Oil dries to a uniform sheen.

You can mix DUO with regular oil paints, and they will retain water-solubility as long as the oil color or medium content does not exceed 30%. When mixed with water, DUO dries to a matte finish and should be used with a stainless steel or plastic painting knife. Ideal for artists who want to avoid using harsh solvents for diluting, painting and cleaning. 

We specialize in the super brights, and have been adding more colors as these colors take off. We now carry about 40 hand selected colors, as well as kits designed by artist Kimberly Adams. 

Discounted every day for every artist. 

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M. Graham Oil Paints - Made in Oregon

M. Graham Artists' Oil Colors are made with a walnut oil binder, an alternative to traditional linseed oil that's been preferred by artists for centuries. Renaissance masters such as Da Vinci and Durer generally favored walnut oil over linseed oil. Walnut oil provides rich, vibrant color that is naturally more alive and brilliant than traditional linseed oil. Free flowing and slow drying, M. Graham's walnut oil formulation enables delicate passages of finely blended color that retain their brilliance over time.

Worth a try - and we make it easy with great pricing and advice. They also play nicely with other oils you may already have.

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