The Great ARTspot Paint-Over Challenge for 2016 is complete. due to its success INSPIRING participants to grow as artists, we will offer this challenge again in 2017. 

Check out the individual albums of the 2016 Paint-over artists at facebook albums 

In 2015, ARTspot offered a creativity challenge that inspired more than 25 artists to create 25 works of art in 25 days. It was a resounding success. However, more artists wanted to participate than we could accomodate. Many have been asking for another challenge. Here it is! This new challenge has no limit to the number of artists who can participate! And a very open time frame. It is a proven process that can push you, pull you, ultimately challenge you to help you grow.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up, your personal challenge has begun. Come in to ARTspot to pick up your canvas, choose your medium, and start painting. Take pictures of your canvas after each "Paint-Over" session and we will post them on our Face Book page to share your progress with the world. Don’t stop painting! The world WILL be interested! Paint over your single canvas up to 30 times. 

That's it. Paint right over what is there whether you like it or not. 

There are no rules how you go about this. You can use any variety of media you want. You can use acrylics: a perfect medium for quick dry times, with collage and/or water media if you like! You can use oil paints and blend layers, or add quick dry additives to oil paint to make it dry faster. Any mixed media techniques you want to intersperse is fine to try. This will be the time to experiment and discover new ways of working. There will be up to 30 layers of paint on one canvas. Read on for more details, followed by a Q & A.


You can so do this. 

Click here to see collection of facebook albums for each artist currently participating in the challenge!

What's included for each artist PARTICIPATING in the Paint-over challenge:

ARTspot owner Tracy Felix getting ready to paint over her favorite painting so far. Images of her first 10 paint-overs at top of page. Just do it!

ARTspot owner Tracy Felix getting ready to paint over her favorite painting so far. Images of her first 10 paint-overs at top of page. Just do it!

  • One gorgeous 1 1/2 profile canvas or birch cradled panel - size of your choice: 16x20, 20x20 or 24x36.
  • Three studio sessions where you can come together and paint, commiserate, and encourage each other. Hosted by ARTspot’s sister studio, Cole Art Studio, located at 107 5th Ave S. a half block up the street from ARTspot. Goodie bag for each artist attending the painting sessions! (One per artist). RSVP available on registration page, or by contacting ARTspot at 425-640-6408. Two sessions offered on Thursday July 7
    and a third on Thursday August 11. Limited to 14 people per session. You may come to more than one.
  •  Advice and encouragement from the staff at ARTspot on how to work with your medium of choice. A great opportunity to experiment with new ways of using your art materials.
  • 10% off at ARTspot for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Your own personal FaceBook Album to show images of ongoing Paint-Overs. We will take care of posting them on the ARTspot FaceBook page. Up to 800 people can see the ARTspot posts. If you "Share" onto your own page then  your fans and families can follow your progress. See Tracy Felix's FaceBook album.
  • Technical advice on how to take digital images and email them to ARTspot. The easiest way to do this is take a pic with your smart phone and email it to 
  • "Day of the Great Reveal" Party  Wednesday, AUGUST 31, 6-9pm. A celebratory party at the beautiful Point Edwards Charter Club overlooking Edmonds and the Puget Sound. Each artist will bring their paintings to reveal the final Paint-Over. The image collections will be showing in the adjoining Point Edwards Theater.
            Artists are invited to speak about their experience to the group. (not required if you are not into public speaking... but it could be considered another part of the challenge to do this!!).
            Artists are invited to bring a guest to the party. RSVP available upon registration, or by contacting ARTspot. Party limited to the first 80 people to RSVP.

Artists Challenge Agreement:

1. Do your very best to complete the 30 Paintings on a single canvas or panel. We are allowing a longer time to fulfill this commitment; you do NOT have to do this in 30 consecutive days. You will have from the time you register to the day of the "Great Reveal Party" August 31st, 6-9pm.

2. Document each Paint-Over with a digital camera or phone image and email them to ARTspot. You must have access to a digital camera or phone and email to participate. Artists are responsible for documenting each Paint-Over. ARTspot will take it from there and get them posted online. Artist's are not required to have a FaceBook account. 

3. Participation Fee of $125 to be paid at beginning of Challenge. (Non-refundable)

It may seem a bit daunting, but after all.... that's why it is  a challenge! 
At the end of this process you will be renewed and you will be a more powerful and confident painter. YOU CAN SO DO THIS!


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Questions / Answers

How do I sign up?
Register right here on the ARTspot website, or come in to ARTspot to register and pay the fee. 

What if I cannot complete 30 Paintings?
We just ask you to do your best. Once you get in the swing of things you may find it more doable than it seems at the beginning. Remember it is not required to be done in consecutive days. This is NOT a "Painting A Day" -- you have from the day you sign up to August 31th. So if you do 20, or 15 or only 10 Paint-Overs, we will celebrate your progress just the same. It's all good!

What kind of canvas will I get?              
Your choice of surface:
     Art Alternatives birch cradled panel
     Art Alternatives primed white cotton canvas.
Your choice of size:
     16x20, 20x20 or 24x36. 1.5 inch depth (yes – this is the good stuff!)
These are the sizes you have to choose from included in the fee. We will try to have all canvases and panels in stock, but may need to order your specific choice if we run out temporarily. In that case give us about a week to get it in for you!

How do I sign up for the free studio sessions?
RSVP available upon registration, or by contacting ARTspot at 425-640-6408. You can participate in one, two or all three sessions.
The three studio sessions will be offered on:
Studio Session 1: Thursday July 7, 1-4pmpm
Studio Session 2: Thursday July 7, 6-8:30pm
Studio Session 3: Thursday August 11, Noon-4pm
Come together and paint, commiserate, and encourage each other. Hosted by ARTspot’s sister studio, Cole Art Studio. Located at 107 5th Ave S. Just a half block away from ARTspot. Registration is required. Call ARTspot at 425-640-6408 to reserve your space. Tracy Felix will facilitate each session. ARTspot will bring some art supplies to share at the studio session to try out some new products or techniques. RSVP available upon registration, or by contacting ARTspot at 425-640-6408.

What does the 10% off include?
10% off at ARTspot from the day you register to August 31, 2016. Discount applies to all art supplies as well as all art, jewelry, paintings, and art books. The only exclusions are clearance items.

How do I document my paintings?
To take digital images you will need either a digital camera or a smart phone, and access to the internet... or a really good friend or spouse to do this for you! It is a super useful skill to have, so this Challenge will have the additional benefit of getting comfortable documenting your artwork.
Here is a YouTube video on how to photograph your artwork with a digital camera. This video is excellent. You can use the same tips for using your camera phone. Camera phone images are fine for the Challenge... and you can easily crop them to show just the painting, and send it as am email directly to ARTspot at

What about the party?
It will be a fun evening to come share your story and meet everyone else who survives the challenge. Bring your final painting to display! ARTspot and Cole Gallery will provide a few light refreshments, some wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Artists are asked to bring beer or wine, and a potluck dish.
            We sure DO hope you can attend as it will be a memorable evening! You are welcome to bring a guest as well. Party limited to the first 80 people to RSVP.

What if I can’t come to the "Day of the Great Reveal” party?
Attendance is NOT required as part of the challenge.

What if I only manage to paint over the canvas 10 times?
Do your very best to complete the 30 paintings on the same canvas. There is no policing mechanism to this part of the Paint-Over Challenge. We can only encourage participating artists to work to the best of their ability. However many Paint-Overs you are able to accomplish will be celebrated just the same!

What if I change my mind and want my money back?
Sorry. There will be no refunds or credits back for the $125 fee.