Cody A French

Cody A. French is a Seattle, Washington based artist. Born in Seattle in 1992, Cody found his passion in drawing and painting while living in Montana. He studied at the University of Great Falls and taught himself watercolor techniques in the cities of Rome, Naples, Perugia, Capri, and Corciano with the Montana Alliance Italy Study Abroad Program. Cody completed his B.F.A. at Cornish College of the Arts in 2017 and is pursuing his career in and around Seattle. Cody A. French is represented by the Lynn Hanson Gallery in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square.

"The creation of art is a self-reflective process, allowing me to pour my heart out and translate my perception as something significant. Through research, experimentation, dedication and skill, I create works that are about the aesthetics of narrative. While the subject matter of each series is different, my work is influenced by stories, fairy tales, toys, emotion and the natural world. My mission is to make physical my interpretations of reality to identify the magic and beauty of what I experience and live." - Cody