ARTspot Specialty (Kits)

 Mike O'Day

Mike O'Day

ARTspot has some pretty unique stuff! We've gathered some of our favorite products into great starter kits you can only find here!

Acrylic Kit

ARTspot Aprons

 ART Cards!

ARTspot carries a selection of 5x7 cards of our represented artists work. All 5x7 cards are $5. Can be framed in standard ready-made frame for a nice gift. 

Drawing Kit

Ephemora Kit

Each is different $10

Posable Mannequins 

Human figure in multiple sizes 

Hands, horses, dragons, chameleons, cats and dogs

Manikins are useful tools for learning to draw. These are accurately proportioned, and they are flexible enough to mimic many human positions. Each is made of unvarnished hardwood and comes with a stand.*

Paper Fusion Lamps

Customize with beautiful paper!

Watercolor Kit

Clearance Table!

All summer long!

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