"Travel Journals in Watercolor" with Pam Harold

DATE/TIME: May 9, 11am-4pm

COST: $95.00

REGISTRATION: You can register for this class by calling in, coming in, or online. Scroll ot the bottom of the page for online registration. 425.640.6408

LOCATION:  ARTspot Studio - located in the back room of ARTspot, 408 Main Street, Edmonds, 98020. 

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  Learn how to keep an art journal while "on the go!" Pam is well known in the area for her travel journals. She will share her tried and true methods for embracing this art form while on vacation, or in everyday life. Pam will show you how to travel lightly with basic materials, work with line and color in a simple travel journal. She also talks about how to capture the essence of the sights you see and the adventures you encounter.  

SUPPLY LIST: We have all supplies on Pam's list at ARTspot and as a registered student you get 10% off!
You can wait till the start of class to hear Pam's presentation about journal, paint and brush selection before selecting which combination wil work well for you.

  • Watercolor or WaterMedia Journal (spiral bound - spiral opens flat) 
  • Travel brush or #6, #8 artist quality watercolor brushes. Be sure to check out Protege #7 Travel Brush at ARTspot.
  • Permanent fine line pen [Micron, Pitt, Sharpie)
  • Drawing pencils: HB and H
  • Pouch or small case
  • personal vacation photos & memorabilia

Pam says, “Also include a small box of student quality or artists quality watercolors in pans.  I seldom take tubes as they are heavy. I do not use white or black watercolors but only  take just a few basic colors:  Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, New Gamboge,  Aureolin ( cobalt yellow), Cerulean Blue, Phthalo Blue ( RS), Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet. I mix my own greens but a basic green is Permanent Sap Green and Quinacridone Gold is useful.  In the tropics I do use Phthalo  Green. A glue stick,  a small flat  bottom plastic airline dish (with sides), a few small travel packages of  kleenex. The students do not need everything for the workshop. This list is just a suggestion”.

All items on list available at ARTspot and as a registered student you get 10% off! Our staff can set aside a selection for you and have it ready and waiting, or come in anytime for assistance in selecting your art materials. 

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