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Passionate about the environment Mona looks to nature for inspiration. Wether printmaking, painting, working in metal or fibers she endeavors to promote endangered species or educate herself as well as others about the mysteries of local flora and fauna. The graphic nature of her work also lends itself well to using the actual patterns found in nature as a complete art form. You can find more of Mona's work at

Read an interview with Mona, below.

Interview with Mona Fairbanks, an instructor at ARTspot teaching our kids classes and annual summer camp !

What do you love about teaching children?

I love the fearlessness and openness children bring to their work.

Why is it important to expose kids to art and the creation of art?

I think it is important because I always tell children that art is really story telling. They have a story like each of us have a story.  The oldest stories we have preserved are in the form of art, and it is an important way to communicate and preserve our culture.

What is your camp next week about?  How about other classes you will be teaching in the future?

The camp next week is about discovering the local flora and fauna of Edmonds. I think it is important to be able to look out our windows and name what we are seeing. When we can put names to flowers and animals we can better appreciate them. I would love to teach other children's classes and adult classes also. Some adult classes will be botanical illustrations, bookmaking and pencil drawing.

What are some of the most rewarding experiences you have teaching? 

The best teaching moments are when a student discovers that they have the confidence and ability to deliver an idea through a picture.

Why are you teaching at ARTspot?  What do you think is great/special about ARTspot?

I love the idea of a teaching Spot in Edmonds that has supplies close at hand to experiment with.  It is very inspirational to me to see and imagine new techniques and new mediums.

How can parents be involved with their children's art experiences?

Parents can be involved just by being interested in their children’s environment and exposing them to lots of different thing whether it be music, theater, fashion or food.

Anything else you would like to add? 

I think it is always important to note that art doesn't live in an isolated part of our lives but is integrated in all aspects.  It’s worth noting the value art has to not only enhance our lives visually but to support areas like math, science and history.

Sky, Land and Sea: a look at our own backyard!     Instructor: Mona Fairbanks

Runs all year long:

- During the school year we offer this class on Fridays when Edmonds School District has no school-days. 

- We also offer mini camps during winter and spring break 

- Full week art camps during the summer.

Students will use a variety of mediums to create unusual and unique pieces of art.  The focus will be on native flora, fauna and even a little Edmonds history. You will go walking field trips in Edmonds making sketches and creating art! Lots of exploring not only Edmonds but art supplies, and techniques. Really cool projects: different every time!! ...are in store for you!

Click Here for Mona’s Website 


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