Michelle McGraw


Michele McGraw is an abstract, asymmetric artist who is especially fond of paper and uncommon, rusty, and interesting found-objects to incorporate into art. Drawing inspiration from the natural aesthetic in her surroundings, her images often incorporate interesting vintage “finds” with common, ordinary source materials and objects. She has a flair for weaving vivid colors, rich texture and enjoys working in layers to build and create mixed media work.

Native to the Seattle area, and local to South Snohomish County since 1988, she is the consummate art dabbler. Michele is not afraid to get messy and loves experimenting with many materials. She is also a professional calligrapher who enjoys the stark contrast of dark ink & cold-pressed paper along with the magic of creating crisp serifs using a hand-cut steel nib. Celebrating the “creative process over production,” her passion is coaching art for children and youth in the classroom and facilitating a variety of women’s groups in the conference/retreat setting.