Loose & Brilliant Watercolors on YUPO Paper with Darlene Lucas

"Red Girl" watercolor on Yupo. Giclee print on display at ARTspot. Image size 27x21" $250.

"Red Girl" watercolor on Yupo. Giclee print on display at ARTspot. Image size 27x21" $250.

DATE/TIME: Three consecutive Tuesday evenings:  May 27, June 3 & 10 / 6:00-9:00pm

COST: $135

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 6

REGISTRATION: You can register for this class by calling in, coming in, or online. Scroll ot the bottom of the page for online registration. 425.640.6408

SPECIAL OFFSITE LOCATION:  Note: these classes are hosted by Darlene a few blocks away from ARTspot in her own personal art studio on Fir Street. You will meet and work there! You will not find a more nurturing and generous instructor, and will love working in this amazing creative environment.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  This class is appropriate for beginners, to intermediate level watercolorists. It is a natural followup class to Darlene's "Fractured Flowers and Landscapes" but is an excellent stand alone class as well. 

Darlene has been playing around with watercolors on a new surface to watercolor artists call Yupo… it is a non-absorbant slick paper which allows the watercolor paints to flow and slide in a way  you can get super interesting results from. She will show you how to mask, lift color, use stamps, stencils, watercolor crayons and pencils. Darlene has been teaching watercolor painting for many years and is expert at tailoring instruction to each students level and expectation. 

If you enjoy learning new ways to play with watercolor, this class will satisfy. 


SUPPLY LIST: All supplies are available at ARTspot and as a registered student you will receive 10% off from time of registration through the dates of class!

  • One 20x26 Sheet of white YUPO paper
  • Daniel Smith or Graham watercolor paints: a yellow, blue and red of your choice. ARTspot staff can show you Darlene's recommended colors.
  • One tube of Graham Titanium White gouache  
  • One tube of Graham Lamp Black or Ivory Black gouache
  • #10 or #12 Round or Flat watercolor brush - the staff at ARTspot can help you select a brush of quality level that fits your budget
  • Palette of your Choice - come to class and see how Darlene uses her various palettes, and that may help you decide which one you would like to get.
  • A portfolio to transport your art.

We have it at ARTspot and as a registered student you get 10% off!

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