Lisa Myers Bulmash

I’m a collage and assemblage artist, with a special interest in family stories and genealogy. Dusty records about dead people don’t interest me: the people whose lives I glimpse behind the records are what excites me. A few details from a census report, an old photo, and I’m off – reimagining a story using layers of paper, paint and small objects. I’m especially attracted to stories of people we either can’t or don’t connect with face-to-face: a Civil War veteran’s life after combat, a mother struggling to maintain her personal identity, things like that.

The person who most resonates with what my art has to offer is roughly my age (between 35 and 55 years old). They usually have teen or grown children, or they’re the Auntie Mame, childfree-but-kids-adore-her type. These people want an experience that helps them look beyond the daily grind, to see and immerse themselves in something special. Oddly enough, I find combing through the past often helps us see life here and now as the extraordinary thing it is.

You can see more of my collages, assemblages and altered books at