Irresistable: Make a Paint-Resist Collage with Family Photos with Lisa Myers Bulmash

Sunday, August 2  /11:00am-4pm/$85

COST: $85

Ages 15+

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 10 students

LOCATION: Cole Gallery Studio at 107 Main Street, Edmonds. Just around the corner from ARTspot.



In this class, you’ll bring copies of some family photos: your mom, a favorite uncle, maybe the black sheep of the family… it’s up to you. We’ll pair the photos with quotes that seem to express each relative’s personality. We’ll also add collage papers to the mix.

Next, you’ll write your quote over the collage with a masking fluid pen, then paint over the whole thing. The masking fluid will keep anything it covers in its original state: whites remain white, etc.

Finally, the big reveal: when the paint dries and we rub away the dried masking fluid, everything except the quote will be in full color – making the quote STAND OUT from your family photo collage!



(Remember, you get 10% off art supply purchases at ARTSpot, from the time you pay your registration until the end of your class! Everything starred** is available at ARTSpot.)

·  ·         ** Notebook or paper in which to write thoughts about, or memories of, your relative

·         ** Flat brush (has a square end) to do paint washes

·         Small water container, like a Tupperware or Gladware container that WON’T be used for food later

·         Magazine images or junk mail that has colors or patterns you like

·         ** Glue stick (available at ARTSpot or office supply stores)

·         ** Packet of artist trading cards**

·         8”x8” wood panel**

·         ** Masking fluid pen with masking fluid reservoir**

·         ** Golden matte medium**

·         ** 1 oz. bottles of fluid Golden acrylic paint (up to 3 colors of your choice)**

· ** Ephemera Kit ($10 at ARTspot) and/or sheet of art paper you like, and/or a colletion of papers and other "ephemora you already have that fits your theme.

·         Optional: embossing heat tool or craft heat gun

       Optional: stencil(s) for adding visual texture**We have a full selection of TCW (The Crafters Workshop) 6x6 and 12x12 Avalable at ARTspot

V2-4 high-contrast photocopies of a relative/relatives:

o        8” tall or wide

o        Use #24 weight printer paper, or matte presentation paper when printing your images – no glossy paper

o        Look for photos of faces, or ones with lots of negative space/white space

·         4-6 quotes, with attributions (for example, “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou). Use any or all of the following:

o        inspirational words from famous people

o        deep thoughts from your favorite songs

o        expressions your mom or dad used that you now find yourself repeating

Supplies provided by ARTSpot and instructor:

·         Craft heat tools (ARTSpot has two)

·         Scissors

·         Magazine and catalog images for collage backgrounds

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