FOR AGES 11 years old and up. Min. class size 4, max. 8.

COST: $120.00

Bryn will bring her expertise in introductory animation techniques to ARTspot! See your ideas move around and come to life! Each student will have a short animation dvd of his/her work at the end of either two day class. REGISTRATION: You can register for this class by calling in, coming in, or online. Scroll to the bottom of the page for online registration. 425.640.6408LOCATION:  ARTspot Studio - located in the back room of ARTspot, 408 Main Street, Edmonds, 98020. CLAY STOP MOTION ANIMATIONDATE/TIME: Dec 29 & 30, 11am-2pm $120This class is all about making! On the first day we will design fun characters and build them out of clay! We will also make props and sets! Day two we bring them to life using the art of stop motion animation, just like Wallace and Grommit! NOTE: KIDS TOO YOUNG TO DO 2D CLASS


DATE/TIME: Saturday, January 3 2015 / 11am-4pm / $85

Explore the versatility of acrylics! Push forward in your creative approach by exploring six different ways to create an acrylic painting. Emphasis on understanding and trying out a variety of gels and mediums. Class encourages an experimental & contemporary approach… and how to combine materials to create your own personal style with layering and mixed media. Very dynamic workshop to inspire creativity. Lots of demos. Open to beginners or any painter who would like an overview of a variety of techniques.



Sunday, August 2 / 11:00am-4pm / $85
Transform your family photos into a handmade work of art – without damaging the original images! In this class, we’ll collage copies of old photos with paint, sumptuous art papers and a favorite quote. Then we’ll use a paint-resist technique that makes the quote stand out from the rest of the piece. You’ll take home a finished collage – plus three more little collages you can keep for yourself or use on a handmade card. All levels welcome! 



Tuesday Evenings, September 22 & 29 / 6-8:30pm  /  $85
Breathe new life to photos of long-gone relatives! In this two-part class, first we’ll transform family photos and favorite quotes into translucent image transfers. We’ll follow up by giving those ethereal images a new home: a handmade collage panel you can display in your home. All levels welcome! To be held around the corner at Cole Gallery Studio.

Watercolor Intense Color & Contrast  with James Farrand

This class will be offered over at Cole Gallery Studio as a two-day workshop. Watch for it to be posted for early 2015.

Come watch, learn, and practice James’ techniques for achieving amazing color intensity and contrast (Yes! In Watercolor!). Workshop will include, pouring, squeezing, charging, glazing and will illustrate and use Johannes Itten’s ‘7 Principles of Color Contrast’ including contrast of complements, value, temperature, saturation, and proportion.


Free Lecture!
Avoiding Exposures to Toxins in Painting, Encaustic and Printmaking  
October 26th. 1-3pm,
Dave N Waddell , Environmental Investigator, Project Coordinator  
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County 

During his Hidden Hazards in the Arts workshops, Dave always asks if any of the attendees have changed the way they create art because of problems from chemical exposures. Many hands are raised each time. Every artist has come across some art process that has disagreed with them or at least made them second guess how they do what they are doing...

     Dave gives a great overview of safe studio practice starting with the choices you make when purchasing products, to developing new habits and finally safe disposal. Of course, it all begins by attending the upcoming free lecture at ARTspot! We hope to have Dave back to continue to teach smart use of materials for artists with his series of lectures. 

Encaustic Photo Blocks with Lisa JonesMoore

DATE/TIME: Saturday, November 8 / 11am-5pm / $115
Create beautiful encaustic wax photo “blocks” with your own photos! Learn the basics of working with encaustic wax (beeswax, damar resin) and photos in this relaxed and informative workshop. The instructor will lead you through all of the steps: studio safety with HOT wax, best papers for photo printing, choosing substrates, preparing surfaces, adhering and encasing photos in wax. You will also learn mixed media techniques for altering your photos. The process is both user-friendly and fun! You will leave with a few beautiful pieces ready to hang on your wall. All levels welcome!


Altered Books: A Mixed Media Adventure with Mary Peterson


Offered again in 2015: January 20, 27, February 3, 10 / 6pm-8:30pm / $135
Create your own story by transforming an old book. Learn how to incorporate a variety of mixed media techniques and construct secret niches and doors. Mary brings in scads of cool ephemera to share. Will get to try Gelli Plate printing! This class has proven to be an ARTspot favorite!



Saturday November 22, 1-4pm (after the local Artist Connect Meeting) $40

Mary Peterson will be working her Mixed Media Magic for the holidays. Come make cards and gift tags, and hey, these can be wonderful pieces of art to frame if you want! You will learn how to make your own stencil and use it with Gelli Plate mono-printmaking. Super smart and creative way to make ALL your holiday cards in one fell swoop. But you won't want to stop. Get your creative juices flowing with gads of clever mixed media ideas only Mary can bring on.


Tuesday May 5 / 6-8:30pm  /  $40

Spend an afternoon discovering the delightful effects of "soft" plate printing techniques on the newest sensation: Gelli Plates! You will learn how to make your own stencil and use it with Gelli Plate mono-printmaking. Get your creative juices flowing with gads of clever mixed media ideas only Mary can bring on. 


Tuesday Nights /  May 12, 19, 26, and June 2nd  / 6:00pm-8:30pm
Each block is a 2 hour class.  Register for all 4 workshop blocks for $135 or take individually @ $40

May 12 / Block 1- Printing with Gelli.  Prints and monoprinting with acrylic paints; explore printing on paper and fabric with these easy techniques.
May 19 / Block 2- Mixed Media Collage.  Apply layering techniques using paper, paints pens and stamps. Learn the uses of different adhesives and acrylic mediums.
May 28  /Block 3-  Image Transfer.  Take your favorite images and learn how to make them transfer onto fabric, wood, and paper using some fun easy techniques.
June 2 / Block 4- Assemblage totems!  Take your “bits and bobs” and tell your story through an assemblage figure. We’ll learn how to adhere found objects using several techniques, adding dimension to your mixed media art 



Saturday, September 27th / Noon - 2pm

Come to the ARTspot studio located right here in our Main Street store location to meet James Farrand. This amazing watercolor painter will be demonstrating his very unique painting techniques for achieving color intensity and contrast (Yes! In Watercolor!). James employs pouring, squeezing, charging, and glazing. This is a great opportunity to ask James about his upcoming one day class on October 11th, where he is going to focus on teaching contrast of complements, value, temperature, saturation, and proportion. For information on his class on October 11th

Abstract Self Portrait: Contemporary Acrylics with Tracy Felix Fraker

DATE/TIME: Saturday, Oct 4 / 11am-4pm / $85

Approach a mid size painting with the subject of expressing some aspect of yourself. We will be working in a contemporary style, so your work will be an abstracted portrait (with guidance!) or symbolic only. Emphasis will be on trying out a variety of techniques for texture and layering. 

Paint a Series: Contemporary Acrylics with Tracy Felix Fraker

DATE/TIMESaturdayNovember 1 / 11am-4pm / $85
I used to just paint one painting at a time, but was amazed at the difference it made when I started creating several together in a series.  I am excited to share my method of rotating several canvases during our workshop time together. We will be  using contemporary layering techniques that incorporate as much or as little collage as you prefer. We can even try a few super easy image transfers and play with color and texture across as many canvases you want to work on. I will put out some beeswax for you to try at the end as a final touch to your paintings.

Social Media for the Artist with Angela Bandurka

DATE/TIME: SundaySeptember 14 / 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Social media is here to stay and if you use it right, you can make it work for you. Angela Bandurka will walk you through her steps on how to create a successful social media plan to promote every new creation or event that you do through email newsletters, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and more!


kids stuff

February 13 (early release day)  / 1:00 -3:00 / $30 All supplies included
Tangle Awesomeness / Learn how to design and Draw Spectacular Designs for your binders, clothes and posters.  Instructor:  Michele McGraw

February 16 & 17 - a two day workshop for kids! $70 includes all supplies and a bisque fired clay sculpture you can paint later at home>
A two-day art experience to create a fantasy sci-fi world of creatures. Learn and work in both 2-D drawing the first day and 3-D clay on second day! - with Mike O’Day


$110  = Three days in a row for your ART Kids.
All Supplies Included.           Noon-3 each day

If you have a child that is inclined towards the arts, you know better than anyone that they crave hands-on creative time. Our instructors are all professional artists that have worked with children for many years. We know how to balance a great project with leaving it open ended enough for the young artists to explore and discover their own way. We have a small group setting so instructors can work with each child to adjust the project to their skill level.
     For each three day offering, students will work with different instructors for a variety of projects including painting and drawing, 3-D, printmaking, and assemblage. Each week has a theme - so kids can pick and choose what interests them! For ages 7-12.

Week 1 - 7  Completed!

Week 8   AUGUST 12/13/14: Bug Safari Week
A world in itself... tiny is not to be overlooked. The amazing bugs world is at your feet to inspire art. We will be bringing in some cool critters to visit from our buggy friends at Just Frogs and Friends Amphibian Center.

WEEK 9   AUGUST 19/20/21: Gears, Gadgets & Gizmos Week. 
If you like taking things apart and putting them together to make your own thing - you will love this week! We will have scads of recycle art opportunities with drawing, painting and assemblage (that's where you put stuff together to make 3-D art!)

WEEK 10  AUGUST 26/27/28: Wacky Wood Week. 
Build and assembling a project of your own design, printing from wood grains, and using the beauty of nature in your art projects. 3D construction including making a totem with zentangle designs on it, printmaking and drawing on wood.... super cool way to wrap up your summer. If you want to pound some nails - you will love this!

Mona Fairbanks: Painting, Drawing, Assemblage
Mike O'Day: Cartooning, 3-D
Kim Brayman: Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media
Lynn Scott: Printmaking, Mixed Media
Patty Forte-Linna: Fashion Design, painting and drawing
Michele McGraw" Mixed media, imaginative creative activities
Cody French: Drawing and Painting

Please understand we cannot provide refunds for no-shows as we still pay our instructors for the prep time and the space they provide for your student even if they do not make it in. 

Altered Books

Create your own story by transforming an old book into a super wonderful work of art. This project is a great vehicle to try out all kinds of mixed media techniques. You will get to play with paint, collage, drawing, journalling, & assemblage . Learn to create doors, windows and cubby-holes in your book. 
     New to this class is learning how to make your own stencil and using it with a Gelli Prints Plate - the newest cool thing in printmaking. Not to mention Mary - our absolute favorite lady of never-ending ideas, encouragement and generosity. She brings in tubs and tubs of ephemora and goodies to share with her students.

For instance, you could use a book of English Poetry to fill with journalling, photos, mementos and images from your trip to London... or a recipe book as a way to do a fun family holidays book. Or maybe a quirky novel or coffee table book to do an artpiece that is a self portrait of yourself or a loved one. 
     This terrific open ended project will open your creative energy up to what can become an art form you will embrace. This series is perfect for beginners and hobbyists wanting more experience with mixed media. Super fun to take as a mother/daughter, sisters, girlfriends or a husband/wife night out. Believe it our not, men injoy this class just as much!

Paper Fusion Lamps
Saturday, July 26. Noon-2pm 

Kathryn Lampkin will be here to help you customize and assemble your paper lamp (we have kits in three sizes). You can paint your own panels with our cool alcohol inks, or try a Zentangle design. Or easily customize your lamp with our beautiful handmade papers! Come in and make a lamp! 25% off Lamp kits on Saturday! 

SPECIAL! Chelan: Renegade Acrylics & Encaustic
DATE/TIME: SaturdayJuly 12 / 11am-4pm  / $110
Chelan Fire Station, 2nd Floor
Bring your acrylic painting kit out to sunny Lake Chelan this summer. Enjoy a fun day creating a contemporary painting with layering techniques. We will do some collage, texturing and washes.... I will also bring out some resin paints, mica powders, alcohol inks and stencils for you to try and buy if you love them. Then a grande finale of Encaustics: using melted beeswax! Note: this painting day is held off site from ARTspot: Lake Chelan is about a 3 hour drive east of Edmonds.


Paint Splash: Contemporary Acrylics with Tracy Felix Fraker 

DATE/TIMESaturdayAugust 2 / 11am-4pm / $85
Paint Splash is the once a year summer workshop designed around watermedia techniques to create loose, free and full-of-life paintings. We can dry our layers of paint in the sun and keep on painting. This is a great class to take advantage of painting in series, so plan on bringing at least two canvases so you can paint on one while the other is drying. We will take advantage of the way pigment travels, flows, drips and blossoms using wet-on-wet techniques.

Save a Painting: Contemporary Acrylics with Tracy Felix Fraker
DATE/TIME: Saturday, Sept 6 / 11am-4pm / $85
Bring in any paintings you have in progress that you are needing some help with. We will work together to  analyze your painting and come up with  choices to make corrections and bring your painting to a successful conclusion. I will demonstrate techniques that can help you move forward in the painting process: veiling, creating a center of interest, simplifying, correcting composition, and adding additional layers. Constructive critique with the group will help everyone learn from each others challenges. Supportive and encouraging.



Edmonds Community Halloween Trick-or-Treat Night

Thursday, October 31, 2013 — 5 to 7 pm. We are closing up a little early to give out Dum-Dums to good little ghouls and bats. Find out more information about fun happenings downtown Edmonds this Halloween at

Painting in Layers: Contemporary Acrylics with Tracy Felix Fraker

DATE/TIME: Saturday, May 3 / 11am-4pm / $85

One of the true joys of painting with acrylics is the ability to add layer upon layer to create a feeling of depth: both visually and of meaning. For this class, we will complete a midsize painting in one day using mark making, collage and paint. 


Lamp Making Demo with Kathryn Lampkin

Saturday, March 8 / Noon to 4pm

Join Kathryn Lampkin in learning how to make your own beautiful lamp with our Black Ink Kits and handmade papers. You can stay and put your kit together in our ARTspot Studio. We will have some paints out for you if you would like to paint your own designs, or use some of the fabulous handmade papers we bring in from around the world. Come make a lamp with Kathryn LAMPkin - you gotta love that!

DEMO DAY DEAL: Kits will be 20% off this day! Black Ink Papers 10% off. AND you get to play in the cool ARTspot Studio :-)

GOLDEN LECTURE: Innovations in Acrylic. Discover the infinite & brilliant versatility of acrylics with Barbara De Pirro

Saturday, April 12th / 1-3:30pm

An accomplished regional painter, Barbara De Pirro will sift through a mountain of valuable information, guiding you through the basics, while opening up new possibilities. Get a grasp on the many gels, mediums, grounds and how they can change the texture, saturation and intensity of your work. Gain an understanding of how to extend the wet time of acrylics, facilitating blending, shading, glazing and fine detail.  

Check out the amazing selection of grounds to prepare truly, contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel, digital printing and mixed media. Discover how acrylics can simulate oil and watercolor, encaustic, even gouache, yet are infinitely more versatile.  Whatever your approach as an artist, this lecture will offer the technical knowledge to support your concepts. 

FREE literature and samples, product test table, plus… get your questions answered! And OMG... DEMO DAY DEAL: A free Princeton Catalyst Blade [$16] value with purchase of GOLDEN 32 oz Gel Medium, Gesso or Molding Paste. While supplies last and one per customer. Only fair, right?

Pre-registration is required / Registration is FULL!
Call ARTspot to be added to Wait List!  425/640-6408

Transfering Drawing & Stretching WC paper with James Farrand

Third Thursday Edmonds Art Walk April 17 / Art Walk is 5-8pm, but we'll plan to do the demo at 6:00.

James will be demo-ing this procedure two days before his workshop here at ARTspot during the Third Thursday Edmonds Art Walk April 17. His students will be here with their watercolor paper and Gatorboard to learn how to transfer a drawing and properly stretch the paper to prevent waving/buckling while painting. Art Walk visitors are welcome to stop in to watch the demo, and to talk to James about his unique techniques in attaining brilliant intense color washes. His April 19th class is full, but we are taking registrations for his July 12 class. This is a great time to meet him to see if you would like to take his class! [More info]

Week 6   JULY 29/30/31: Animal Lovers Week - One spot left
All things animal - sculpt, draw and paint to create your own menagerie. If you love all that is in the animal world, you will want to try lots of ways to bring animals into your art. This week will include a special visit from our froggy and turtle-y friends at Just Frogs and Friends Amphibian Center.
ARTspot will donate $1 for every Frog Sketchbook purchased from July 28-August 15 to Edmonds Just Frogs and Friends Amphibian Center as a thank you for bringing their friendly frogs up to visit our art classes!

Make a Mark, Make a Meaning: Find your voice with Drawing and Painting With Scott Burnett 

Two day workshop painting in acrylics/mixed media
DATE/TIME  Saturday & Sunday, November 15-16 / 11am-4pm /$180
Scott Burnett's paintings are mysterious, lyrical and beautiful. In this workshop, Scott will share his very unique approach with a class limited to 6 students. You will learn to explore and define your own style using gestures on large sheets of paper for the first day. Scott will help you discover how to find subject matter in your drawings movements, then coax them into beautiful paintings the second day. You will complete one midsize painting and 2-4 experimental surfaces.