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ever wonder "how do they do that?"

all our demos feature professional working artists and instructors here to show you their tricks-of-the-trade. We often have hands-on demos so you can try the materials too.


as a bonus, Many of the featured products are offered at a discount during the demo time!

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Ask tracy about her upcoming New class offering: “Acrylic with Mixed Media”
Collage, ephemera, different kinds of paints mixing together! It's like we all want to do: use ALL the stuff in our studios to make something really amazing. This NEW! class coming up in January that has you make a painting like this - everything but the kitchen sink. You will learn how to hold it all together! Click here for link to more class info.

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Please note that this demo is NOT held at the ARTspot store. it is a special event hosted by the very cool “Around the table” Pub in Lynnwood. If you love gaming… you have got to know about this place!

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