It only happens once a year… Our Annual sale is happening now.

ARTspot 2019 Bulk encaustic sale

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Bulk Purchase gets the cost of Mediums down to
as low as $16/lb! 
Beeswax down to Under 8/lb!

Deadline to get your order in: March 1.

only the finest ingredients.  
US Pharmaceutical (USP) Grade Beeswax, Damar Resin
Heat Stable high pigment load artist grade colors
made in the usa

Why we love Enkaustikos so much:

Enkaustikos only uses USP Grade Beeswax, a natural beeswax that goes through a heat filtering process that removes pollen and other natural adulterants that honey bees bring back to the honeycomb. This a chemical-free filtering process and it produces a highly refined beeswax without the use of bleaches.  USP Beeswax eliminates chemicals and bleaches from the artist's encaustic palette. USP Beeswax is the same type of beeswax that is used in the medical and cosmetics industry.
       Another natural ingredient used is Damar Resin, which is hardened tree sap.  It is heat filtered to naturally any impurities.  Enkaustikos does not use damar varnish because it is made with turpentine, which is  flammable and harmful to breathe. Enkaustikos uses only the finest Damar Resin in our paints and this, in combination with the USP beeswax, produces our Enkaustikos Wax Medium.  To the Wax Medium, they add the highest quality pigments. 
       Enkaustikos selects pigments after doing extensive research and testing. Every artist considers factors like tinting strength and lightfastness when selecting their colors but, artists who work in encaustic also have to factor in heat stability. Encaustic colors will be heated typically in the range of 150 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there will be times when an artist may inadvertently overheat an area with a hot air gun which could cross the 200 degree barrier. Consequently, artists working in this medium must be concerned with the stability of their pigments under every possible condition. Therefore, Enkaustikos selects pigments based on whether they are lightfast and engineered to withstand the heated encaustic process.   We select only the best pigments suitable. Through our research, testing, and commitment to quality colors we have added many beautiful colors and avoided any colors which are not heat stable.

How to take advantage of this once a year deal
to stock up at 30% off and more!

All orders are Pre-Paid.
All orders are for pick up in-store only.
Three ways to place your order:

1. Order online if you want only Beeswax or Encaustic Medium.

Use the form at bottom of this page to place and pay for your order. Once you add an item to the cart, you will be asked to check a button saying you understand terms of ordering. After you are done adding items to the cart, click on the cart in the upper right hand corner. You will still need to fill out the shipping information even though you are picking up in-store, then click on the Enkaustikos shipping option. Continue on with credit card information and complete the purchase. We will call and confirm with you when we receive it.


2. Call or email us for the "long form."

  • Click this link to download the "Long Form" in Excel that includes not only the items listed below, but also the full color range of Wax Snaps, Sundries and Aluminum Plates.

  • Download, fill it out including your name and contact information. Save your order (save it with your name) and send it back to us as an attachment in an email to

  • We will call you to take your credit card payment over the phone. You also have the option of bringing in or mailing a check for pre-payment.

  • Call us if you have any questions or need help ordering or downloading the long form.  425-640-6408


3. Come in to the store Monday - Saturday 10-6, Sundays 11-4  

Orders are pre-paid. you will need to come in to pick up your order. Orders will be ready for pick up no later than March 20th.

no additional discounts on this super special pricing.

Description MSRP  ARTspot Special Pricing!
Natural Yellow Wax Medium - 5lb $129.95 $89.99
Wax Medium - 5lb - ARTspot ($18.00/lb) $129.95 $89.99
Wax Medium - 10lb - ARTspot ($17.60/lb) $245.95 $175.99
Wax Medium - 25lb - ARTspot ($16.00/lb) $585.95 $399.99
  30% off or more!
USP Refined White Beeswax - 5 lb $98.95 $69.99
USP Refined White Beeswax - 10 lb $155.95 $109.99
USP Refined White Beeswax - 55 lb $695.95 $479.99
USP Refined Yellow Beeswax - 5 lb $98.95 $69.99
USP Refined Yellow Beeswax - 10 lb $155.95 $109.99
USP Refined Yellow Beeswax - 55 lb $695.95 $479.99
Bleached Beeswax - 5 lb $89.95 $59.99
Bleached Beeswax - 10 lb $139.95 $97.99
Bleached Beeswax - 55 lb $589.95 $399.99
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