Encaustic TacTILES: Textures in Wax with Lisa JoneMoore

DATE/TIME: Two day workshop! Saturday & Sunday  June 20 & 21
Noon-4pm both days

COST: $195 - this fee includes your encaustic medium and other materials Lisa brings in to share. Please note there is a supply list for students to fill. (See Below) Remember, when you are a student at ARTspot, you receive 10% off art supplies purchases, from the time you are registered and paid through the duration of the class! We are the go-to place for Encaustics!

AGES: 18+

CLASS SIZE: Max 12 students

LOCATION:  ART Works Building at 200 Dayton (2nd and Dayton)... about two blocks south of ARTspot. 

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Celebrate the sumptuous, tactile and textural qualities of encaustic wax! Spend the day exploring various techniques in encaustic (beeswax, damar resin, pigment), on 4x4” MDF “tiles”. These are inexpensive flat art boards perfect for encaustics. 

      First you learn the basics of working with encaustic wax and studio safety. Then Lisa will show you how to use scribing tools, stencils, sand, micro-glass beads, spackle paste and more! Explore the intricacies of pigmented wax, metallic pigments and oil pastel “rubs”. You will be “let loose” to explore various texture-making techniques. 

       At the end of the day, assemble your “TacTILES” to make a beautiful, artful mosaic for a really cool finished art piece to take home! You can decide what size and configuration you would like to make your mosaic as you create your TACTiles. That's what's handy about having the studio onsite at a full fledged art store! 

All levels welcome!


SUPPLY LIST:  (students bring)

Remember, when you are a student at ARTspot, you receive 10% off art supplies purchases, from the time you are registered and paid through the duration of the class!

  • Two colors encaustic paint: either Enkausticos Hot Sticks or Wax Snaps (avail. at ArtSpot) **
  • Two small tins for encaustic paint (avail. At ArtSpot) OR can use tuna/cat food cans (clean with label removed) **
  • 6 or more 4x4” MDF boards (avail. At ArtSpot). You can purchase more as you need them during the workshop**
  • One cradled hard board (avail. at ArtSpot) in one of these sizes: 12x12”, 11x14”, 16x16”, 16x20”  These will be used as the base for your final “TacTILE” mosaic. Wait to purchase this the day of class as you see the progress you are making with your 4x4 tiles. This will help determine the cradle board size.**
  • One small TCW art stencil (avail. at ArtSpot) **
  • Paper towels
  • Metal ruler**
  • Masking tape or blue painters tape**
  • A few "soft" oil pastels (recommend Portfolio brand or Sennelier—soft is best)**
  • Texture-making items (be creative!) such as old kitchen gadgets, stencils, buttons, cookie cutters, door screen, etc.

Optional supplies for students to bring:

  • Collage materials** on lightweight NON-glossy paper: text, vintage ephemera, lace, cheesecloth, etc. ARTspot has Ephemera kits for $10.
  • Any tube oil paint you have around**

Lisa Provides:

  • Encaustic medium, encaustic white, various textural items, demo supplies, brushes and heat tools.


  • Encaustic griddles
  • Encaustic medium, brushes, electrical cords, glue for mosaics, small butane torches)
  • ARTspot Studio has a collection of collage papers students can use
  • Scissors 
  • Aprons
  • Craft heat guns (ARTSPOT HAS 2, Lisa brings the rest)

** means we have it at ARTspot and as a registered student you get 10% off!