Saturday/ April 25/  11am-5pm • $115

Monotype Encaustic prints both luminous and beautiful. You will learn a variety of techniques to apply encaustic wax colors to a hot metal plate. The fun part is placing the paper over top to absorb the colors. Pulling the paper off is magical. Each print you create is unique... thus "mono" type printing. Each print you make leads to an idea for the next one. 

You will learn some encaustic basics, monoprinting techniques, mixed media techniques and all about various printmaking papers. The possibilities are endless! Level: Beginners and those with some encaustic or printmaking experience welcome.

Location: ARTspot Studio 408 Main St, Edmonds

SUPPLY LIST:  (students bring) 
Remember, when you are a student at ARTspot, you receive 10% off art supplies purchases, from the time you are registered and paid through the duration of the class!

 One or more art stencils. ARTspot carries a wide selection of TCW heat-resistant plastic stencils that work well with hot encaustics... or bring Bristol board, very thin cardboard or tag board to make your own), no larger that 8x8"

  Photocopies of shapes you would like to work with (for a handmade stencil we will make in class)

 Paper to print on (any of these will work): Rives Lightweight or Arches printmaking paper (or similar, smooth finish),  Japanese rice paper, either in roll or pad), or any fairly smooth “artist papers” (no glossy finish or coating), or experiment with what you may already have!*

 Newsprint (roll or pad)

 Enkaustikos Wax Snaps or Hot Sticks, as many colors as you wish to try, or any small bars of encaustic paint, RF brand is good also *

 1 or 2 printmaking barrens (ArtSpot has these, the inexpensive round one)*

 paper towels

 Masking tape (blue Painters tape preferred), for “masking out” shapes

 Metal ruler (for tearing paper)

 Xacto knife with SHARP blades 

 Tweezers 

 Q-tips 

 Old clothing or apron (ArtSpot also has)


 LUNCH (we’ll take a mini-lunch break)


 For “mark-making”: oil pastels (Portfolio brand recommended*), metallic colors also nice, or some of the following water-soluble sticks: Woodies*, Derwent ArtBar, CretaColor Aquastics, Staedtler Karat*, Stabilo water soluble pencil and/or a 9B Lyra water soluble graphite crayon* or Sharpie china marker(s*).

 Princeton Catalyst Heat-resistant silicone texture-making utensils* (if you have one)

 One Enkaustikos printmaking plate, anodized aluminum, no larger than 8x8”* - you can wait until day of class to choose the printmaking plate that works best for you.

*AVAILABLE AT ARTSPOT, call ahead if you would like us to set aside any supplies for you.425-640-6408. You can also purchase day of class and during class.. Questions about supplies? Contact Lisa at JonesMooreStudioArt@gmail.com

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