Ellen Chappelle


Ellen loves making jewelry, dabbling in everything from wire wrapping to metalwork to chainmaille. Although primarily self-taught, Ellen has studied with nationally known instructors and is a member of the International Guild of Wire Jewelry Artists, as well as a few local artist groups.

Prior to making jewelry, Ellen first exercised her creative juices on the stage (hence the theatrical name of her jewelry business, Limelight Designs). Some of her earliest memories are of singing, dancing and acting in musicals and plays. She went on to major in theatre and journalism in college, followed by touring with a professional theatre company and performing on a cruise ship.

As a journalist, she has served as arts columnist for My Edmonds News and as Pacific Northwest Regional Editor of Dog Magazine. In addition to creating handcrafted jewelry, she and her husband are in the process of raising their next therapy dog. You can find more of her work at limelight-designs.com.