Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain / Getting Started with Kim Brayman


DATE/TIME: Five consecutive Monday evenings: 6-8pm 
October 19 - November 16  / 6pm-8pm / $175
REGISTRATION: You can register for this class by calling in, coming in, or online. Scroll to the bottom of the page for online registration. 425.640.6408

LOCATION:  Cole Gallery Studio, 107 5th Ave S. Edmonds, 98020. 

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  Drawing is a skill that can be taught, practiced and learned.  Join Kim as we explore "Drawing on The Right Side of the Brain", a book that will open your eyes to perceptive skills involving edges, spaces, light and shadow and their relationship to one another.  You will start on a path to processing visual information in a way that allows you to render the beauty you find around you accurately and with your own style.  


SUPPLY LIST: Revised 12/30/14

You can purchase all your quality art supplies at ARTspot. Registered students receive a 10% store discount on all art supplies during the course! If you call ahead, we can collect and reserve all the items and have them ready for you!

  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - The Workbook - is required for the class.  Having the book by the same name is optional. Both are available at ARTspot. 
  • HB Graphite Pencil - Faber Castell 9000 (regular or Jumb) or General's/Kimberly, or similar
  • 4B Graphite Pencil - Faber Castell 9000 regular or Jumbo
  • 6B or 9B graphite crayons
  • Graphite Stick (Lyra Graphite Crayon 2B or 6B or 9B is fine)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Kneaded and white plastic eraser
  • Sandpaper pad
  • Fine point dry erase marker - Instructor will supply this if you don't have one
  • 9x12 or 11x15 spiral bound sketch pad - Nature Sketch or Super Deluxe or similar
  • We have every item on this list at ARTspot and as a registered student you get 10% off!

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