Drawing Lab with James Farrand


Series of 5 sessions with full instruction - Monday evenings
May 4, 11, 18 (skip May 25) June 1 & 8 / 6-8pm


Workshop Description

Drawing. It can be such an enjoyable, creative, and expressive act. However, without an understanding of fundamental tools/concepts/techniques — and even more importantly, without a basic set of foundational motor skills, it can be gosh darn frustrating.

In this class we’re going to take a step back — & perhaps a deep breath — to break down the drawing process into simple, learnable, and manageable chunks. From discussing how to hold a pencil, to practicing how to draw a straight line, to developing a greater sense of structure/value/composition, we’ll engage not only our intellectual and emotional selves, but also the oft-overlooked and neglected physical (muscle memory) side of things.

Whether you’ve taken a drawing class before or not, Drawing Lab will be an interactive, encouraging, and innovatively fun series of classes that will provide you a great  opportunity to come study, experience, and PRACTICE the fundamental components of drawing.

Required Supply List for this class:
You can purchase all your quality art supplies at ARTspot. Registered students receive a 10% store discount on all art supplies during the course! If you call ahead, we can collect and reserve all the items and have them ready for you. Call or come in with any questions!

  • Pencils - Graphite 2B or 3B (Pro Art or similar), Staedtler Mars Lumograph 7B (or similar Dark/Carbon drawing pencil). 2 of each is good.
  • Graphite Stick 4B
  • Pencil Sharpener (KUM 2-step)
  • Erasers - 1 Grey Kneaded and 1 white Staedtler Mars ‘plastic’
  • Viewfinder (e.g. 'viewcatcher')
  • Large Bulldog or Binder Clips (3 to 4.. if needed for securing paper to drawing board)
  • Drawing Board/Support (e.g. 18”x24” MDF-board. Also common is 24”x26” drawing board with built in clips)
  • Sketchbook (e.g. Canson’s XL Sketch/Esqiusse 18”x24” 50 sheets, or similar. Also ok is 11"x14")
  • Newsprint pad 18"x24" (e.g. ProArt Smooth 50 sheets)

List of other supplies that are optional

  • Kleenex tissues
  • Art box for carrying your art supplies

ARTspot/Instructor will provide: 

  • Drawing easels & stools
  • Objects for drawing as well as additional lights