Don Haggerty

I huddle above a crude fire, whose glow dimly illuminates my cave walls while the night sky blazes with pinholes of light. This is my imagined studio. Primal. It is here that relationships of shape, size, color, texture reveal themselves as though for the first time ever. Whether the elements be steel, stone, sterling or bone, beauty wondrously materializes as if from the ashes of my fire. It’s my very own dawn. Over and over again. After completing a piece of jewelry and holding it in my hand, I feel a certain “rightness” in the finished design that I’ve come to refer to as a primal resonance.

This is because of the depth of the inner place that the feeling comes from—the same feeling, in fact, that has guided the entire design process. This feeling gives me great joy as an artist. But it gives me even greater joy to see someone personally experience that resonance—that deep sense of primal “rightness”—when they not only see, but wear, the piece of jewelry. At that moment, the dawn is theirs. The beauty becomes their own.

(In addition to making jewelry, Don is also a painter and sculptor. His work can be seen at