1st Annual ARTspot Creativity Challenge  /  March 21-April 14 

25 Participating Artists:

Bill “Fireball” Ball
Angela Bandurka
Kim Brayman 
Whitney Buckingham
Kim Caldwell
Cantu Chris
Jeanne Dail
Jennifer De Mello e Souza
Jeff Galbraith
Victoria Galbraith
Delores Haugland
Jane Gonzalez
Kathleen A. Johnson 
Autumn Kegley
Marie  Kirkman
Ruth Lee
Julia  Lowe
Michele McGraw
Chris Minor
Mike ODay
Heather Pasqualino
Julie Perrine
Sue Robertson
Anne Ryan
Patricia (Pat) Warner
Barbara Wyatt 
Lee Zimmerman 

Juror’s Awards
Win Bainbridge, Juror

Impressive Body of Work: Delores Haugland   Tabletop Easel
Strong Voice as an Artist    Mike O’Day    Art Supplies
Excellent Use of Color    Kim Caldwell    Set of Golden Acrylic Paints
Classic Beauty        Chris Cantu     Art Supplies
Great Composition        Delores Haugland, Painting #24     Art Supplies
Technical Skill as an Artist    Autumn Kegley    Gamblin Fast Matte Oil Paints & Stainless Steel Brushwasher
Innovative Use of Materials    Heather Pasqualino    Gedeo Resins by Pebeo
Juror’s Favorite Individual Piece    Jeff Galbraith, Painting #19    Strathmore Journal
Playful & Original Idea        Lee Zimmerman  Strathmore Frame Cards and Art Tiles

Hanson Scott Gallery Award    Carmel Gregory    Gift Certificate to ARTspot, Awarded by Lynn Hanson Scott

Cole Gallery Award    Jane Gonzalez   Art Supplies, Awarded by Denise Cole 

ARTspot Awards

Brave Beginner        Pat Warner    Golden Paint Company Art Apron
Favorite Series        Christopher Minor    Acua Printmaking Inks
Golden Award            Kim Brayman  Set of Golden Acrylic Paints
Last Minute Push    Whitney Buckingham   Art Supplies
Favorite Individual Piece    Chris Cantu, Painting #1    Art Supplies


February 2: Registration begins. Mechanism to register is the ARTspot Website. Registration is now closed.

March 7: Optional Workshop “How to Paint a Series” 11am-4pm. (Reduced fee for 25 Day Challenge participants)

March 19 - 21 : Supports will be available for pickup at ARTspot.

March 19: This is Edmonds Third Thursday Art Walk Night too! We are open 10am-8pm .... 
March 21 -  Barbara DiPirro's free lecture about Golden Acrylic Paints and Mediums. We still have some spaces left if you would like to register. She gives each participant a bag of Golden "Goodies" and the techniques will inspire and inform you. (Call us to register 425-640-6408)

March 21 – April 14: 25 Day Challenge. Paint, draw, sculpt or assemble in your own medium 25 5" by 5" works of art.

March 14: Demo “Paint a Series” Noon-2.

March 24: Free Open Studio 5-8pm

March 25, : Free Open Studio 11am-4pm.


April 1: Free Open Studio 11am-4pm.

April 4: Optional "Paint A Series" Workshop with Tracy Felix (reduced fee for 25 Day Challenge participants)

April 15: Artists to bring in completed body of work Wednesday, April 15.

April 16: Show Opens. Third Thursday Edmonds Art Walk at the ARTspot Studio/Gallery.

May 17: End of Show

Tuesday  May 19: Pick up unsold art & checks for artwork sold 10am-6pm

 Participation fee includes:

1. 25 supports to participating artists. Choose from:
5x5 canvas, MDF Board, Canvas Panel, Pastel Paper, Watercolor Paper... or any combination of these.

2. Promotion of event through, but not limited to, ARTspot Website and Facebook. Postcards will be available to artists. 

3. Scheduled studio time to use the ARTspot studio to create works for your series, and be in the company of other artists also participating. Wednesdays March 25April 1: 11am-4pm and March 24: 5-8pm.

4. 10% ARTspot store discount for the duration of the Challenge. Includes all art supplies and art. (not classes)

5. Multiple awards in the form of gift certificates and art supplies! Juror to be announced.

 "Paint A Series" Acrylic and Mixed Media Workshop with Tracy Felix, Saturday March 7 & April 4. $85 Class fee reduced to $70 for Challenge Participants only. These workshops are optional – not required… but designed to teach artists who are currently working at making one painting at a time to experience the increased level of satisfaction of creating multiples.  Max 8 students per class. Register by calling and letting us know you qualify for the reduced fee. 425-640-6408

Works of art can be, but are not required to be, framed. 3-D Art can be 5x5x5. Keep in mind that works on paper will display better if mounted on a rigid support. Pastels and graphite must be fixed.

All 5x5 works submitted will be for sale at the opening April 16 through the end of show May 19. Sold pieces will be given to customers upon purchase (not waiting till end of show).

All works of art will be priced the same at $25. Sales will be run through ARTspot at a 20% Commission ($20/$5 split)

Art not sold to be picked up on May 19 & 20.

Artists are encouraged to follow through and bring 25 pieces to be in the spirit of the challenge.

Artists are encouraged to hand out postcards and invite guests to reception and show. The more we all invite, the more we will sell!

ARTspot is not responsible for theft or breakage but will provide all due prudence in protecting your artwork and presenting a great event. 

There is no refund of the $50 Participation fee.

Registration for the 25 5x5 Creativity Challenge is Complete for 2015.

Complete registration by checking out with the shopping cart in the upper right corner.

Already starting to field some questions. Here's what we have so far...

Can I use other supports than the ones listed? 
ARTspot is supplying a variety of supports included in the fee, but in no way want to restrict your creativity by limiting you to those supports. You are welcome to take 25 supports from these choices whether you use them or not. The online form provides a place for you to let us know what kind of supports you are expecting to take, so we can have what we need.

Do I have to make all 25 pieces of art the same style or medium?
No - we do not want to restrict you to making all 25 pieces the same. You can use a variety of supports (whether they are the ones we provide, or alternative surfaces you provide yourself). Furthermore, the art does not all have to be the same medium either. The only restrictions are the size (5x5) and price (they will all be $25).

How will the art be displayed?
We will display the art according to what works once they are all in and we can see what we have to work with. All art will be interspersed and displayed in front windows, in the cases, and simply adhered to walls in the studio gallery with removable adhesive. We may hang some down in a vertical format in the windows and studio gallery. They will not be tagged. Put your name on the back of each piece. Number them if you would like to see what sold. Sign the front if you want people to identify your art but that is not required. 
           We have lots of spaces to fill with your wonderful art! You will just have to trust us to do this in a cool way. You don't really get a say in how they are displayed because we would never get it done.

Does ARTspot provide frames for the art?
We will be expecting 625 pieces of art altogether so you can see how that would be prohibitive for us to do.  Artists may frame or mat according to their own preferences but all art will be priced the same at $25 whether they are framed or not. 

How do I register?
Registration is now closed as we have fulfilled all 25 available slots.

More Questions?
Contact us with an email (see the little letter icon at the bottom right side of screen?) so we don't have to field unforeseen questions off the cuff. Remember - this is our FIRST Annual go at this so forgive us for unforeseen details.