"Contemporary Acrylics: Save a Painting" 

Note: Due to low enrollment this class is cancelled.


DATE/TIME: September 6  / 11am-4pm

COST: $85.00 

REGISTRATION: You can register for this class by calling in, coming in, or online. Scroll ot the bottom of the page for online registration. 425.640.6408

LOCATION:  ARTspot Studio - located in the back room of ARTspot, 408 Main Street, Edmonds, 98020. 


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  Bring in any paintings you have in progress that you are needing some help with. I will give you choices and demonstrate techniques that can help you move forward in the painting process: veiling, creating a center of interest, simplifying, correcting composition, and adding additional layers. Constructive critique with the group will help everyone learn from each others challenges. Supportive and encouraging.

SUPPLY LIST:  You can purchase all your quality art supplies at ARTspot. Registered students receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies during the course. All items on this list are available at ARTspot.
I ENCOURAGE experimentation, so a variety of supplies is welcome. I strongly encourage you to use artist quality paints - I use Golden paints as the pigments are pure and bright.
     Questions or info about these supplies? Feel free to email Tracy at ARTspotEdmonds@gmail.com. Any one of our ARTspot staff members would be happy to answer questions and/or set aside what you need so you are all ready for class. 425-640-6408.

Bring a Painting to Save

Up to 3 paintings that you want to show me. Work on as many as you are comfortable with during class.

You can use a rectangular Tupperware type container with lid or can purchase a sealing palette for acrylics to keep paints from drying out. We recommend the Artelier Airtight Peel-Off Palette.

You can bring in Acrylic paints you already have, but I highly recommend professional artists paints. Avoid “cheap” student grade paints! If you are just getting started, my best recommendation is: Golden Color Theory Set of 8 colors. A perfect set to start with. This is the set requited for Color Theory, in case you are considering taking that class in the future. We also have sets in fluid and mini tubes.
I will demo with Zinc White and Buff White. They are here if you want to purchase for the veiling technique.

A variety of Gel Mediums and Molding Pastes: these are super versatile: regular or heavy gel & molding paste.

Acrylic Bristol Brushes, variety. I love #8, 10 and 12 flats and filberts (Bring any brushes you already have.)

Flat sided palette knife
Optional - but we have these here for you to use

Spray bottle for water

Apron or old shirt

Collage materials you like, although I will have a selection for you to use here


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