"Contemporary Acrylics: Color Theory" with Tracy Felix Fraker

DATE/TIME: Scheduling for September 19-20 / 11am-5pm 

COST: $225 FOR Two days

REGISTRATION: You can register for this class by calling in, coming in, or online. Scroll ot the bottom of the page for online registration. 425.640.6408

LOCATION:  This class will be held at the Cole Gallery Studio - 107 5th Ave S. Just around the corner from ARTspot.


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  For this class, we will create a split primary color wheel, and chart colors to learn mass tone and tinting strengths. Day two we will paint a small still life and incorporate our color theory into practice.
      Having a working knowledge of how colors mix is fundamental to painting. This class was designed to help acrylic painting students learn to understand pigments… making painting more satisfying and successful. We will create a split primary color wheel, and chart colors to learn mass tone and tinting strengths. Other skills we will practice are how to read the paint tubes, blending with gel and using a palette knife. 
        This class is great for beginners, but is very useful for painters that have found color mixing frustrating. You will have a hand painted color wheel to proudly display in your own studio!

For this class I am specific in using Golden Acrylic Paints. Can also take this class using water soluble oil paints, but still need to meet color requirements listed below. Questions or info about these supplies, feel free to call or email tracy at ARTspot 425-640-6408

SUPPLY LIST: You can purchase all your quality art supplies at ARTspot. Registered students receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies during the course. All items on this list are available at ARTspot.


Tracy will supply you with bristol board 11x14 for the charting work and color wheel.
Bring an 11x14 up to a 16x20 Stretched canvas for second day still life painting. 


For this class you can get by with just a waxed paper plate, which we have here for your use. If you do want to invest in a palette that will keep your acrylic paints from drying out, you can use a rectangular Tupperware type container with lid or can purchase a sealing palette for acrylics to keep paints from drying out. Tracy loves, recommends and keeps in stock the Artelier Airtight Peel-Off Palette. It saves your paints from one painting session to the next and the lid is super easy to get off and on.


Golden Color Theory Set of 8 colors, plus add yellow ochre or raw sienna. A perfect set to start with. Required for Color Theory.

We also have set in fluid and mini tubes which will work also. 

  • Titanium White
  • Cadmium Yellow Light
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium or Hansa Yellow
  • Napthol Red Light or Cadmium Red Light
  • Quidacridone Magenta
  • Pthalo Blue (Green Shade)
  • Pthalo Green (Blue Shade)
  • Ultramarine Blue 
  • Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna


Acrylic Bristol Brushes, one or two of these type brushes.... #8, 10 or 12 flats or filberts (about 1/2" across) will work well for blending your color wheel. 

Flat sided palette knife - super important for this class.

Optional - but we have these here for you to use

Spray bottle for water

Apron or old shirt


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