The Joe Mac Drawing Kit


The Joe Mac Drawing Kit

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The Joe Mac Drawing Kit

Everything you need as a basis for taking Joe Mac Kechnie's Drawing Classes. The folks at ARTspot have put together the basics you will need - all packed and ready to go in a nifty portfolio easy to transport to class. We've given you special pricing plus a student discount, too. 

We can deliver the kit to Cole Art Studio, ready and waiting for you when you arrive at your first class, or let us know if you want to swing by ARTspot to pick it up. We are 1/2 block away from Cole. 

And... you will receive 10% off at ARTspot on any other art supplies you purchase from the time you are registered for your Cole Art Studio class, until the class ends. So if you need anything else, just call us at 425-640-6408. We can add in other items for your delivery

The kit is a portfolio chock full of all the following goodies:

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Gum eraser

  • Vinyl/plastic white erasers (regular block type and new Wave eraser type by Faber Castell)

  • Soft compressed black charcoal sticks (made by Alphacolor Char-Kole)

  • Soft compressed white pastel sticks

  • 1 bag Bob's Soft Vine Charcoal, 1/2" and other varied sizes

  • Pentalic woodless charcoal 3-piece pencil set

  • Standard sketch pad paper, 18x24in (Canson’s XL or equivalent)

  • Gray Scale and Value Finder

  • Pencil box is included in the kit to hold above items

Deluxe Extra Stuff Version!

Joe does ask you to bring these items as well, so if you don't already have them, get the Deluxe Extra Stuff version which includes all of the above PLUS: 

  • Drawing board with clips 23" x 26"

  • Joe's favorite Factis eraser pen stick